Initiatives and Goals

The plan for year 2024

Therapeutic Art Party

We are seeing a growing number of art events focused on mental health. While this is valuable, we are invested in taking this to the next step with a more interactive experience. Art has the potential to change you, and by centering that as the intention of interactive installations, we can move towards therapeutic transformative experiences. Artists will be able to submit proposals for installation work that would create change and is focused on interaction, emersion, and making change. There will be an open call and selected artists will receive a micro-residency with us and funding to develop and execute their ideas. At the end of the micro residency, the work will be presented at a Therapeutic Art Party. The event will consist of a day full of workshops, panels, art auctions, and performances, and the interactive experiences created by the artists . The Party will culminate with an intentional therapeutic DJ set by Mind Bath, the current resident in the Therapeutic Artists Residency. The goal of the event is for all attendees to walk away resources, inspired, and changed in a deep, meaningful ways.

Creation of Art Focused Community Website

and Consolidation of Digital Resources

A section of our website will be dedicated to helping connect like minded individuals and organizations who have resources to offer with other people who are in search of resources. People will be able to post either their available contributions or their requests for goods/services. Some examples would be:

  • Offering/seeking an apprenticeship
  • Offering/seeking materials (wood, styrofoam, excess paint, etc)
  • Offering/seeking tools (woodshops, kilns, etc)
  • Offering/seeking spaces (markets, popups, galleries, studios, etc)
  • Offering/seeking skills (experience with a particular medium, etc)

This site would differ from existing online marketplaces as it would be specifically focused on art, and would offer a more personal platform to build community. Our goal is to be a more accessible entry point for people who may not feel comfortable posting on other online at larger marketplaces such as Craigslist.

Another section of our website would have a consolidated list of digital art-related resources for the Atlanta area. These would include workshops, galleries, markets, classes, and other general opportunities, in addition to available residencies and fellowships. Initially, most of this information would be links to other sources (ex: “Top Ten Galleries in Atlanta”), but our intention is to curate our own lists based on knowledge and experience with these resources gained over time. The hope of this section of the site is to become a place where someone who is new to the city, or is new to art-marking, can go and find relevant information in one place.

Art Making Altars

We are committed to continuing the collection of art making supplies and locating partners to create spaces to make art at various events, such as town halls, underground events, protests, and community mutual aid events. These spaces allow individuals to process what they are going through – where art helps ground, elevate, articulate, and process dense experiences. Over the past few years, we’ve created altars, installations, and at times, just made a space for art. Many times, the artwork created is representative of the individual’s experiences and desires. These art making spaces function as a place for people to step out when they are overstimulated, and serve as a place of connection and processing.

TAR Workshops

Continue offering work and play shops at the intersections of Art and Therapy